At the 53rd Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, Bolloré Logistics Canada has announced the signature of an agreement on the formation of a consortium with J2 Procurement Management Inc. and Groupe Robert, which is active in handling, transportation and warehousing. The partnership between Bolloré Logistics Canada and these two companies specialized in the aeronautics and aerospace sector aims to facilitate the establishment of subcontractors seeking to enter the Canadian market by providing them with customized logistics support. The consortium will also be able to respond to mandates relating to the assembly of aircraft from major customers in the aeronautics industry.

As part of the consortium, J2 will be tasked with optimizing communication and order tracking with suppliers, from initial contact through to the final production line. Groupe Robert will be responsible for inventory management, the warehousing of parts and their delivery to assembly or warehouse sites, in line with needs. Bolloré Logistics will supervise the management of order flows, international transport, the delivery of goods, and customs clearance. The company will also act in governance mode for projects involving international businesses and will serve as the main contact point for the three partner companies.

Bolloré Logistics, which has operated in Canada since 1976, aims to capitalize on the strategic cooperation initiatives already established with Groupe Robert and J2 to extend its expertise. This applies particularly to Mirabel in Quebec Province, where Groupe Robert holds a strong position in the aerospace market, with a total warehousing area of 100,000 m2, and the J2 consulting firm boasts in-depth knowledge of the market and local aeronautics subcontractors.

“This grouping through a common interface with a turnkey solution will serve to optimize the aeronautics supply chain and support the sector in Canada by providing a completely integrated service adapted to present-day issues in subcontracting,” said Jimmy Cardin, Head of Business Development & Aerospace Industry, Bolloré Logistics Canada.

The administration of Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) in the Mirabel area will work as an active partner of the consortium in the growth of logistics needs relating to the future requirements of the aerospace industry.

About Bolloré Logistics Canada
Bolloré Logistics Canada is a subsidiary of Bolloré Transport & Logistics, a global supply chain player ranking among the world’s top-ten transport and logistics groups with an integrated network of 609 agencies in 107 countries. Based in Montreal, Bolloré Logistics Canada has business sites in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and currently has a 300-strong workforce in the country. It offers services for value-added integrated logistics and supply chain management.

About J2 Procurement Management Inc.
J2 Procurement Management Inc. is a consulting firm specialised in supply chain management. It possesses global supply-chain expertise for the aerospace industry and other leading-edge manufacturing sectors, ensuring the comprehensive management of procurement, purchase orders and monitoring through to delivery. With its unique services, the firm brings customers a turnkey solution while focusing as a priority on operational excellence.

About Groupe Robert
Since founding in 1946, Groupe Robert has become a leading supply-chain player in North America. The company’s 3,700 employees are the cornerstone of its success, which is based on robust know-how in logistics, distribution, warehousing and transport solutions. Groupe Robert manages 41 distribution centres, with a total 326,000 m2 in warehouse space in Canada. The Group boasts recognised expertise in warehouse logistics management, notably for the aerospace manufacturing industry in Mirabel, and controls 100,000 m2 of warehouse space in the Mirabel area.