Bulk Transportation

Hauling, storing and managing bulk freight are services we have perfected over the years here at Groupe Robert. We can oversee your entire supply chain, from inbound raw materials to outbound finished products, and provide the transportation, storage and delivery solutions you need. Our diversified fleet of equipment means we can handle bulk cargo of any type.

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Hazardous Materials

We have the certifications necessary to haul dangerous goods of any kind (classes 1 though 9), anywhere across Canada and the U.S. Our drivers have received the requisite training in North American operational and environmental requirements to offer safe, efficient and on-time service.

Flatbed Hauling

Our flatbed, B-train, curtain-side and lowboy are available to carry goods with specific handling requirements (individual units, stacked or on specialized pallets). We have the equipment you need to get your shipments to any destination in Canada or the U.S. What’s more, our top-quality trucks and trailers will ensure your freight arrives safely and intact every time.

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Our Equipment

Our flatbed trailers are optimally adapted to accommodate your shipping specifications. Our extensive fleet enables us to provide you with solutions in line with your operational and scheduling needs.

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