Better Fuel Efficiency

Cutting our fuel consumption is a crucial first step. A few simple initiatives have thus far delivered some very telling results.

- Wide-base single tires
- Smaller tractor-trailer gap
- Speed limiters
- Long combination vehicles

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our energy efficiency plan has helped us cut down considerably on the total volume of greenhouse gas emissions produced by our activities.

- Major project to expand our fleet of vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG)
- More efficient planning of trucking routes and travel times
- Five-minute maximum for idling

Trucks and Trailers Fitted with Energy-Efficient Equipment

We have modernized our fleet in recent years to boost the energy efficiency of our trucks and trailers by fitting them with greener technologies, including:

- Aerodynamic skirts (yielding a 7.4% reduction in fuel consumption at 100 km/h)
- Solar panels
- High-performance automatic transmission

Acquisition of a Greener Fleet

Since 2011, 157 of the vehicles in our fleet have been powered by liquefied natural gas. These alone have helped us significantly curtail our GHG emissions.

  • Reduction of 18,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere since 2011
  • Each of these trucks travels 100+ million kilometres per year
  • One of Canada’s largest LNG-powered fleets
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Environmentally Responsible Choices for Our Distribution Centres

We have introduced a number of projects to improve how resources are used in our distribution centres.

- Recovery and recycling of pallets and crates for our clients (wood reused in agricultural heating and other applications)
- Forklifts powered by compressed natural gas
- Optimized lighting systems to reduce energy use

A SmartWay-Certified Carrier Since 2007

We are proud to display this symbol of excellence, which recognizes enhanced energy efficiency and reduced emissions. Certification criteria include:

- Commitment to tracking fuel consumption and improving annual performance
- Investment in lowering GHG emissions
- Promotion of best practices in carrier fuel usage