Logistics has been our speciality here at Groupe Robert for over 70 years. With numerous industry awards to our credit, we are committed to achieving excellence at every touchpoint of the supply chain and to constantly redefining current standards of performance and workplace health and safety. In addition to North America–wide coverage, we offer state-of-the-art infrastructure that has continued, and will continue, to grow and evolve with us over the years. Backed by 3,500 employees and an extensive network of partners, we are proud to bring you a unique business ecosystem and leading-edge expertise tailored to the needs of the sectors we serve.

Your Growth Is Our Priority

We are constantly updating and improving our services to help you plan and streamline your logistics operations so you can stay focused on your core business – not to mention minimize costs and maximize results. We provide you with the expertise and agility you need to help you navigate the requirements specific to your business context.

Our Mission

70 Years of Excellence

In 1946, Rosario Robert would never have dared to dream that his descendants would someday turn the small trucking company he founded into a North American leader in logistics solutions. Today, his legacy and family values are still ensconced in Groupe Robert’s DNA. The attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction that once inspired him are still guiding us in everything we do.

Our History

Leading with Passion

The Groupe Robert management team is made up of supply chain experts who are passionate about their profession. They oversee our five specialized business units, working hand in hand to generate a synergy that benefits all our clients.

Our management team
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Safety and Compliance

In our industry, health and safety are paramount, and we spare no effort in addressing these priorities. We go beyond established standards to ensure our employees and clients have access to a safe, healthy environment at every link of the supply chain.

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Certifications and Awards

We have opted to seek out certifications that are important to our industry and yours. Every day, we pull out all the stops to offer a level of service that is next to none. The industry accolades we have earned speak to the success of our efforts and are an immense source of pride for everyone at Groupe Robert.

Our Certifications
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Our Commitment to Community

We are honoured to support various initiatives that give back to the community. Our efforts revolve primarily around local economic development, health, the environment, children’s causes, and arts and culture.

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Environmental Stewardship

We take our leadership role seriously and are committed to implementing concrete measures in order to shrink the carbon footprint across the supply chain. A number of initiatives that we have put in place were initially suggested by our staff, who work in partnership with us to constantly elevate our corporate responsibility efforts.

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