Groupe Robert equips its 1 300 trucks with ISAAC Instruments’ telematics and telemetry solution

"We opted for the ISAAC InControl solution because it allows us to increase our operational efficiency. Our objective is to optimize fuel economy and road safety through the real-time coaching of drivers." said Michel Robert, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Robert. "In addition, we want to improve the environment of our drivers by providing them with a powerful tablet that increases efficiency and allows them to focus on what they are passionate about, the road." he added.


Since launching its ISAAC InControl solution, ISAAC has focused on developing transportation industry expertise. The integration of ISAAC’s system and Groupe Robert's enterprise software using ISAAC’s API’s (application programming interfaces), allows presenting single-screen driver work flows. As there is no need to switch screens when the driver enters activities, the risk of oversights and errors is greatly reduced.


"ISAAC brings a wind of change with the Internet of TrucksTM and carriers buy into our vision. Groupe Robert is an excellent example. To remain competitive in the transportation industry, business leaders must take advantage of Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) to gather and consolidate information, and make better decisions." says Jacques DeLarochellière, President of ISAAC Instruments.