A Pivotal Role in a Leading-Edge Industry

With revenues topping $27 billion and 87,000 jobs created in Canada in 2016 alone, the aerospace industry is one of the pillars of our national economy. Accuracy and diligence are musts at every stage of the manufacturing process to meet the stringent requirements of this highly regulated sector – and the supply chain is no exception. Providers must ensure they are in full compliance with industry standards to safeguard the public and maintain the integrity of freight in transit.

Over time, we have fine-tuned our expertise in aerospace-related shipping – an expertise we are proud to make available to some of the biggest players in the industry. Our comprehensive offering and rigorous approach to quality and safety make us a sought-after provider of top-notch logistics services geared specifically toward the needs of this market.

Cultivating the Growth of a Strategic Economic Sector

The food distribution sector is an important driver of the Canadian economy, generating $111.9 billion in GDP and employing 2.3 million workers in the production and export of farming, agri-food and seafood products.

We know this industry inside-out and we are in a position to harness this expertise at every stage of the distribution chain. We have adapted our lineup of services to deftly respond to the ever-growing logistics needs of our clients in this market. And we are preparing for the significant increase in agri-food exports expected between now and 2025.

Cutting-Edge Expertise for a Fiercely Competitive Sector

With a direct labour force 130,000 strong, the Quebec automotive industry plays a vital role in the provincial economy. Companies operating in this industry must contend with a number of significant and sector-specific issues, including ongoing downward pressures on costs, fluctuations in demand and stringent safety and environmental standards. And the multiplayer nature of the supply chain makes things even more complex. To remain competitive, they must seek out effective ways to control costs and streamline their logistics.

At Groupe Robert, we have honed our automotive-related expertise over time, working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our sophisticated systems, comprehensive market coverage and ability to advise our clients on which solutions are best suited to their needs make us a go-to partner for today’s automotive companies.

Catering to the Needs of the Metal Industry

The metal industry is an important economic driver in many regions of Quebec, accounting for 1.9% of the province’s GDP. More than 40,000 people work directly in this sector, for which the reputation and expertise extend far beyond our own borders – and for good reason, with 18.3% of production destined for export.

We have made the metal industry one of our specialties here at Groupe Robert, with logistics solutions attuned specifically to the needs of the market, thus improving the performance of supply chain and distribution operations.