Our workplace

At Groupe Robert, we know you have interests and obligations outside of your work-related commitments. We are also fully aware that to recruit and retain talented professionals, we must support our employees’ efforts to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives. Accordingly, we offer various initiatives designed to reconcile these two sets of needs.

Concrete actions for a healthy workplace

One of Groupe Robert’s top priorities is the physical and mental health of our employees. That is why we implement and maintain various wellness-oriented solutions through a program that encompasses physical fitness, nutrition and stress prevention and management.

Employee assistance program

The EAP is an external consulting service available to our employees and their immediate family to help them cope with difficulties that arise in their personal and professional lives. Through our EAP, we provide access to a wide range of high-calibre resources, including a social worker, psychologist, accountant, lawyer and career guidance counsellor. Participation in the program is free, voluntary and confidential.

Life at Groupe Robert

Compensation and benefits

Driving your career!

We know talent. Which is why we have developed a comprehensive, flexible compensation program to reward performance and promote employment equity.

Competitive salary

Our competitive remuneration program is based on a set of criteria that take your qualifications, skill and performance into consideration. Our performance management system also helps us manage the benefits that are offered as a complement to your base salary.

Attractive group insurance plan

Groupe Robert has a flexible group insurance plan in place to protect employees against life’s little (and big) surprises. Various options are available to suit your needs.

Vacation and statutory holidays

Employees are eligible for annual vacation and statutory holidays throughout the year.

Bonus program

To facilitate our recruiting efforts, we offer a $500 bonus to employees who refer an outside candidate for a driver, owner-operator or mechanic position. The referred candidate must remain with the company for six months before this bonus is activated.

Professional development

We encourage our staff to pursue professional development opportunities. Employees who wish to do so can work hand in hand with their immediate supervisor to come up with a career plan focused on their professional goals and the means they plan to use to achieve them.

Access to various training opportunities

Groupe Robert employees have access to a broad array of workplace training opportunities. We will actively help you develop new skills and keep your existing areas of expertise up to date. This can include conferences, seminars and other activities held by professional associations. We also give managers the chance to attend workshops and presentations designed to fine-tune their knowledge and managerial experience.

Employee Appreciation Day (French only)
Employee Appreciation Day (French only)
70 years of success
70 years of success

The Groupe Robert workforce is made up of close to 3,500 employees. This includes:

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