Safety first and foremost

How important are safety and compliance to Groupe Robert? Important enough to set up an entire team devoted strictly to these paramount considerations. They work tirelessly to train employees on ongoing basis, secure the highest possible safety ratings and meet – and exceed – Canadian and U.S. standards. It is this continuous training that allows us to keep pace with market needs and remain at the vanguard of our industry.

Our fleet of tractors is fitted with on-board computers that relay real-time shipment information directly to our clients’ systems. In addition, all of our drivers have an electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) to protect their safety while en route and ensure they comply with hours of service requirements. Our streamlined approach accelerates processing times and makes sure that all deliveries arrive safe and sound – and on schedule – at their destination.

Reliability you can count on

We are members of a number of key industry associations, adhere to multiple safety and compliance programs and possess all of the qualifications and certifications required to practice our profession.


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